Sunday, June 25, 2017

quiet weekend

It was sunny and cloudy, windy and warm, alternating hour by hour.  We went to Hayward for the Muskie Fest, walked up and down the vendors in the street, bought salsa, and baby booties, had a great time.

We ate lunch at the restaurant where there's a great back yard deck, but they were slow and the food was marginal.  Hmm, disappointed, but that's okay.

 Tim was illuminated in the sun yesterday, hair shiny as glitter, sun back-lighting his ears.  I tried to get a picture and he cooperated, but yeah.  Wish you could have been there.

 Tonight: the sleepover. These three cooked up a plan last week while they were here, and it was a great plan, and I liked it.  After we got home from the lake, I ran to Target for art kits and an inflatable mattress.

They were enthusiastic about the art, which made me happy, and are now sleeping in the family room.

A little while ago, after Jay and I had taken baths and were in our pajamas, and I told them, "We have now reached the point of a sleepover where we must sleep.  Grandpa and I are going to bed. Maria is in bed. Kari and Julia have gone to bed.  Elin is in her kennel sleeping.  Do you see how very dark the night is?  Early in the morning, Maria and Grandpa and Kari have to go to work.  The little sister will be arriving early.  It's time to sleep."

They nodded, eyes wide.
 They were super good at this, rinsing and drying the brushes between colors, painting carefully. They're growing up.

 James came from upstairs about then, ready to drive Kenya home.  He came out to the family room, looked at them and said, "What are you doing here?? Get out of my house!!" There was giddy laughing, and he pounced onto the air mattress, "I love you," and kissed them good night.

And that's the end.   Love, Val

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