Sunday, June 18, 2017

fathers day

 There were little gifts in the morning after breakfast.
 Some goofing around in the yard, then tackled the tree that fell in the field, until Dan was knocked off the ladder and thank God does not seem to be particularly injured, a little dented, but nothing serious.

Kind of terrifying.  They were cautious, had a solid plan, but one little snag and look out--so grateful.

Tonight I went clicking around on this computer looking for some Dad pictures in honor of  our superb dads.   There were so many pictures of dads doing dad things, so grateful for fathers.

My dad with Dan and John in his lap:

Jay and Dan, 1982:

 My dad pitching over-ripe squash for my nephew Alex to bat:

My mom and her sister, Pat, with their father:
My mom's dad helping me lift half a watermelon:

 Jay's dad, and mother too:

Jay's mother's father playing cribbage with John:

 My great-grandparents and me:

 My dad and me:

 His dad, Pam in the red tights, and me:

 Pam and our dad:

 Dad with my little brother:

Joe and p.j.:
John, a few years back:

Happy Father's Day, you guys,

Love, Mom, aka Val, aka Grandma, And all the rest too

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