Thursday, June 1, 2017

babysitting this person

 We do.

It's not easy, but we do.

Do you see that picture of her above--in the kitchen?  She has pilfered a bit of over-ripe watermelon and is stabbing it with a big scissors. I could hear the tapping from the family room and after she didn't answer, I had to go check it out.


Please can we NOT?

 We went upstairs to wake up the kids.  She's good at that--waves to them, says, "Hiii," in a sweet, chirpy voice.

They groan, cover their heads.

But this brings us to today, to this morning.  She put so much diaper ointment on a baby doll's little plastic butt.  I brought her a tiny diaper, don't know if she put it on the baby or not.

At one point, she was under the back door curtain, working on what toddlers work on when they hide behind curtains.  I saw her there, but whatever. She's working on a problem and not bugging me.


There was a big, fluttery bug under that curtain. She came flying out, eyes wide,



We went back and waved, "Hi, " to the bug.

Life is good.  

So much love, Val, aka Grandma

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