Monday, July 17, 2017

more july

Storms have moved in tonight.  This afternoon was perfectly clear, but we knew they were because of how squirrely and restless the kids were today.

No worries. We spent much of it at the Little Pool where they could be as squirrely as their little hearts desired.

She ditched her bathing suit top at some point.  James is the pool attendant, and he's awesome, runs a very laid back pool situation.

 Eventually the little one fell asleep on my lap and was shifted onto the towels.   She woke up super crabby, as anyone will waking up in a situation like that in a wet bathing suit and all, but she was revived by some crackers and a cold drink of water on the ride home with her mother.

And that's the end of a fine Monday in July.

Love, Val

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