Tuesday, July 25, 2017

little pool, 2017

 We've made it over there quite a few times, same old Little Pool:

 Today Jay came.  He arrived after we did, after running some errands.  p.j. saw his van pull up and said, "It's Grandpa's van!"  Then she saw him get out wearing a swim suit and she was delighted.

He jumped into two feet of water and swam with her.  He's a good sport, plus being water cheers him up.
This little girl has napped quite a bit at the pool this summer. She gets tired.  She falls asleep in my lap, but then at some point I can tell if I don't get her off of me and some circulation back into my hip, it's not going to be good.

So I slip her off of me and onto some towels.
 Other babies at the pool express concern.  "Be-be, night night?"  Yeah, she's tired.

They peer at her, frown a little, keep checking back.

Apparently sleeping on cement in a public place is just weird.
But she's okay.

My younger kids used to get tired too and take naps wherever they happened to be--on a pile of coats,  or slipped onto a couch with a pillow to keep them from rolling, whatever.  It worked.  It's worked today again.

She woke up, all hot and fuzzy, still in her bathing suit, and realized Grandpa was in the pool.  In a few minutes she was grinning and jumped in to swim with him.

Lots of love, Val

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