Friday, July 7, 2017

a short week

 It was a short week and we're back at the lake again.

The Little Pool is warmer now and they had fun.
 Reading books on the kitchen floor:

She refused to put on clothes or cooperate in any way.  That's all right. It's warm in the house.  She also fought her older sister, yelling and also rolling on the floor wrassling--over the sister's Hatchimal.

I was calling it a Hatchibal.  I'm not up with the times.  It's a little, cute bird that's much like the Nano-pets the kids used to have a few years back: Demanding and obnoxious.  All the more obnoxious there was only ONE and the little one wanted to take it over.  At one point I texted Heidi--the Hatchimal was bitching away mightily, eyes red even, and the baby didn't care.  She kissed it and popped a hat on its head.
Last night, that harmless looking baby wanted to take this doll home for a sleepover.  It's an old doll, one that Tim was fond of.  For a while he called her his girl and took her around everywhere.  He'd even tippy toe her little feet over the snowbanks from the house to the car.

Well, that was a long time ago and he's moved past this ballerina.

Yesterday the baby tore off her tutu and then announced her diaper had fallen off.

"This is not a diaper.  It's her skirt."  (Plus hate to mention, the ballerina is not in diapers, ahem.)

So Heidi texted me this:

She's washable. It'll all be fine.

And that's that.

July, you are looking very fine.

Love, Val

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