Sunday, July 9, 2017

tubing 7/8/2017

 It was a gorgeous, warm afternoon, a little hot, but not too much.

 Little Jay and Katie were at the lake. They haven't been up often--too much work and school.

 But not today.  We played games in the evening.  Usually I'm pretty marginal on board games, but p.j. was counting on Apples to Apples, and it did finally happen before bed, and that was fun.

Then there was another game after she went to bed--something with Memes, and some of the cards had to be removed because they were so dirty and inappropriate, but that's fine.

We laughed a lot.  Then they put in a movie and I went to bed.  They're still all asleep now and it's a dark, rainy morning.

Ahh, Summer.   Love, Val

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