Monday, July 10, 2017


It was warm and beautiful, a little hot, but not too much.

 Kids were here getting babysat.  We had a pretty good time even though they were so tired from the fireworks late last night. All day they were weird and complaintive, droopy and just plain tired.

 These birds on the roof, Renee. I zoomed in for you. No idea what kind they are or what's happeing here.

This one wanted to stay inside and watch TV. I told him no.  If you want to take a nap, fine. Otherwise come outside with us.  He said he'd be out in a minute. When I came back to look for him, he was sound asleep--for over an hour.  I sent this picture to Dan, who responded, of course: "What did you do to him?"

Duh.  Obviously way too many violent video games and too many ice cream treats.

Later we went to the Little Pool where they continued to complain and be tired.  They said they were sick and sprawled out on towels, ate snacks.  The napping one draped himself across James the whole time, asked him to check his forehead for fever.

They were all up way too late at night.

I hope they all went to bed early tonight and slept.

Onward to Tuesday.

Love, Grandma

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