Sunday, July 30, 2017

alicia's birthday

 It was a gorgeous, perfect July day.

Except her baby was a little sick, though not too much.

But she was CRAN-ky.

There were some intensely un-hinged moments, both day and night.

Alicia persevered, though by the end, she was exhausted along with the child.

Dan lopped a chunk of his index finger off in a bad, unfortunate incident at work involving a box tape cutter, so he could not get his hand wet, which added an additional element of tediousness to the weekend.

(You can't put a wound like that in lake water. That would be stupid.)

 But we had fun.

 What's more perfect than a leaking drain trap?

A crowd assembled:

 Happy Birthday, most beautiful girl.

This whole family is better with you in it.  We all love you so incredibly much.

Love, Jay and Val and Everybody

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