Monday, May 31, 2010

catching bugs on the patio

The afternoon was spent amusing b.g. on the patio, and also catching bugs.

Santa gave Tim this little device with a magnifying lens for looking at bugs, and it is pretty fun. He used a catalpa pod to flick them into the tube and then turned the lens so we could see them, and then in a little while let them go.

Bugs are pretty impressive in some ways--how they can hang upside down, and fly, and all they can freak out humans many, many times their size...

And b.g. wants to crawl on the patio, which is not my favorite thing for him to do. It's stone--marble and granite, and his head and little round knees look so very, very fair, and precious, and tender, and he's a little too tricky for his own good. The patio is not a comfortable or particularly clean crawling surface, but he couldn't care less. He wants to get DOOOWN! Gramma, let me GOOOOO!

Tim amused him for a long time with this old toy, and he crawled on me and his grandpa. It was a lovely afternoon with two little boys (well, and that big one) I love. love, Val

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  1. Your recent photos look like summer should. Family, fun, boys hunting bugs, and sunshine. :0)