Tuesday, May 25, 2010

an insane parent story

Okay, this story is just too damned good not to share.

It's the Hula Hoop Story.

This is the story:

A mom and dad bought their four year old son a hula hoop. He probably can't hula, but that's okay. They're being nice to the kid.

In the car on the way home, the kid is in his carseat, yet somehow manages to put the hula hoop over his dad's head and then the laughing child gets his legs tangled up in there, so the hula hoop is against the poor dad's trachea while he's driving.

The dad's got one hand on the wheel, the other on the hula hoop, trying to preserve his own breathing.

There's some yelling and so forth. The mother of this child has to dive over the seat, and as the dad described it, "She had to get into hand to hand combat to gain control of the hula hoop."

Somewhere in all this, the dad managed to pull the car over to the shoulder.

And then?

Oh, this is classic. This is the very best part:

Is the child sorry?


Sorry about what??

He's incensed that they won't give him back his hula hoop, and commences to throw a full out fit right there. (At least he's still fastened in the car seat.)

Oh yeah.

When I got done laughing, gasping for air, holding my chest, drying my eyes, the dad told me, (ME, of all people!) "Oh yeah, parenthood's a real trip."

No kidding. And yet, he was laughing too. And we love this insane little monster SO MUCH my heart could explode sometimes.

Sigh. Yes, parenthood is a real trip. I TOTALLY agree.

This adventure is going down as a classic family tale, never to be forgotten.

And this is the child who made it all possible:

Oh, I love you so, Gramma

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