Friday, May 21, 2010

finally friday

Oh well, this has been the quietest week ever, almost absurdly silent. Maria had a friend here for the evening, and they baked the sour dough starter, the friendship bread. The fragrance of vanilla and cinnamon filled the house and even the yard.

Thursday we did make it to preschool with the 24 Amazing Princess Cupcakes for her half-birthday party. Even though they'd been in the freezer for a couple weeks now, apparently they tasted delicious.

Julia wanted b.g. at her party and he was there, happily crawling all over the kids and the preschool, taking out books, pounding on a bucket.

As part of their birthday routine, the child's parent (that would be me) must read a book to the class. Julia picked out the book, one Jamie Lee Curtis wrote about moods. You remember Jamie? She's that girl who stars in Activia. (snicker)


Which brings us to today, and even though it was a dark, gloomy-feeling day, it was the most uplifting day of the whole week.

Customers paid. (I cannot tell you how that makes me happy. Money in the accounts makes me feel safe.)

I went to a listing appointment and met a fun couple with a great house, most enjoyable... and later had another conversation with a client that was all good. She's a fun person who makes me laugh...

But the most uplifting part of the WHOLE day was this character:

She came here and held down the fort while I was working and Jay had to rush to an emergency. (Water blowing a hole through a wall is never good.) When I came home I found her working with Tim on his most recent kit. My parents signed him up to receive these little project kits once a month. He LOVES THEM.

She was patiently working on this, helping Tim, helping him measure, pound the nails, screw in the screws.

When it was done, I fetched a bird feeder that had fallen apart so we could fix that too, since all the tools were out. Then it was time to hang it back up, and where were the ladders? We tried pulling down a branch, but it broke.

So then this PERSON climbed right up in the TREE, wearing FLIP FLOPS and a fancy shirt, and dangled precariously from the branches, hanging it up and filling it with seeds. She even caught the coffee can full of seeds when I threw it up into the tree.
it wasn't really this scary. the camera was set wrong

this is the real picture

And she tried to help Julia and Lydia figure out how to climb trees. They loved it, even though they needed major boosting. Kirsten could always climb though. She climbed the woodwork to the top of the door cases, using her suction cup feet. She could get to the top of the refrigerator as a preschooler. A monkey then, and apparently now.

She's also the one who told me she didn't have to sleep at night, didn't have to get weaned, and didn't have to do what I said.

Well, all right then.

This is an old story--but I have a nephew who was a gorgeous blonde cherub, and he loved Kirby. (He'll be 22 this summer.) He followed her everywhere, tried to do what she did... but she was truly as tiny and agile and tricky as a monkey and he was younger and not the airborne type, and she'd lure him on and on, not realizing he was growing tired and frustrated...

here they are, the two of them. oh gosh, those curls of his...

One afternoon they were here and Kirsten stood on top of the washing machine in the kitchen to demonstrate a dance, and later climbed over the headboard of our bed to smash around in a ficus tree we had back there. The story is: He watched this and hollered, "Ter-sin, Ter-sin, get out of the tweee!" Later at home, he asked to dance on their washing machine. My sister said no. (At 22, he's still adorable.)

those cheeks are breaking my heart

even though our faces are turned away, this is my favorite picture of him and me together, beautiful baby

I told Kirsten to list this on her resume as one of her skills....if anyone needs and econ major in a tree, she's the one.

Happy, happy Friday. love, Val

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