Sunday, May 16, 2010

a quiet weekend

We finally made it to the lake last night about bedtime. t.c. was there waiting at the top of his lungs. Jay built a fire. I deep fried the shrimp. They played 500 while I read a magazine and the kids went nuts with the Polly Pockets and fighting guys.

a toad they let go in the swamp

There was a lot of work to be done today, which Dannell and I endured.

a kid who loves yogurt

james and sam

julia and l.c.

And now we're home.

Saturday was the much anticipated birthday party, and it was interesting to see Julia with her friends. She's a shrimp around here, so I forget she's tall, but she has those long, skinny arms and legs, long skinny fingers and toes... There was a Princess Bouncer, and they bounced all afternoon in the hot sun. Julia was the only preschool friend there. Everyone else was family, so I was especially glad we went, even though it meant endless small talk with strangers.

I can do that, don't worry, and they were lovely, friendly, fun.

At some point after cake, Julia's friend emerged from the bouncer, on the heels of a tattling cousin. I listened to the story and said that in a bouncer it's hard to tell what happened, easy to accidentally bounce painfully onto someone else.

The birthday girl, tiny, dark hair, and snapping brown eyes (the exact opposite of long, blonde Julia) looked directly at me for several long seconds. Then she said, "That is true. Except it never even happened."

Well. And she's just turning FIVE? Man, kids are sharp.

I nodded and offered maybe Tattling Cousin is hot and crabby and could use a drink of water. (I'm tryin' here.) The birthday girl squinted at me and then asked her cousin if she was hot and wanted a drink?

Oh my gosh, she's adorable. When we left, she and Jule hugged and as we waved from the car, she hollered, "I love you, Julia!"


So tomorrow is Monday, and the sun will be shining. When we came home tonight the air smelled like sunshine and grass. (I love summer.) love, Val

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