Thursday, May 13, 2010

sometimes we wonder

Tonight we were in the office, and Jay said, "I wonder if I put my lunch in the fridge here or upstairs? I can't remember." We looked, and there it was, safe on the shelf.

But then we started laughing about other lunch stories... and I do love dumb stories...

One night last winter, Jay fell asleep watching TV on the couch in the family room. He'd taken a bath and was in his pajamas, so I left him sleep there while I loaded the dishwasher and got ready for bed. He works hard, often under adverse conditions, and he gets really tired.

After my bath, I went out there to fetch him. I shook his shoulder a little and said, "Come on. Let's go to bed."

Usually I'd have to do this three or four times before he'd be sufficiently awake to come with me, but that night he surprised me by jumping right up. He followed me out to the kitchen and picked up his sandwiches off the cupboard. They were wrapped in plastic next to the breadboard.

Then he walked over to the turtle tank, lifted the lid, and set the sandwiches on the rock.


The turtle woke up and looked over his shoulder like, "Whaaat?"

I was so startled I hollered, "What are you doing!!?? Why did you put your lunch in the turtle?!"

He looked horribly startled and confused and said, "I don't know!" He looked at me, and then in the turtle tank, and snatched it out of there.

It was dry, on the rock, all wrapped up. But talk about weird.

(I'm sure he must have been sleepwalking when he did it.)

The next day I called him and asked him how his lunch was?

He said, "It tasted a liiiitle bit like frog legs."

Yeah, I'll bet it did.

Then there's this other lunch story: When John was a teenager, he ate everything. EVERYTHING. In fact, he still ate everything in college, but that's another story.

But one morning when Jay came to the bed to kiss me good-bye when he left, he said, "The damned kid ate my lunch." He went to put it in his lunchbox, and it was GONE, just the baggie and twist tie on the shelf in the fridge.

Sigh. We laughed. He made a new sandwich.

Later, I asked John about it and he said, "Oh, that was DAD'S? I didn't know! It was a nice little ham sandwich too, with lettuce, all wrapped in a baggie."

Yah. Imagine that.

Senior year - John and Baby Jay, a pretty long time ago.

John was like this though. During college he was given a George Foreman cooker as a Christmas gift. One night at like 11pm, I came upon him in the kitchen, cooking pork chops. When I asked him what was going on, he said, "Oh, I found these pork chops in the freezer!" Dur, left by the Pork Chop Fairy, do you think? Sheeze.

Another time we were at my in laws and we were telling them about how he ate everything. She commiserated, having raised three sons... and then a little later, John appeared in the kitchen, and my mother in law spotted him with a knife in his hand, a ham on the breadboard.

She ran out there, "What are you doing? That's for dinner tomorrow!"

He said, "I was just making a little ham sandwich."

I laughed, "I told you!"

No ham sandwich, Bud. Peanut butter. And get out of this kitchen. Right now. And yet he was so skinny back then 6'5", 180 lbs? no one could deny him food... but not the Sunday ham, okay?

John and Julia...the oldest and the youngest

Okay, time for bed. Tomorrow's Friday. love, Val

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