Sunday, May 2, 2010

a fun weekend

It was a quiet weekend, cool and windy, a little sun, a few clouds... We had a party here last night, and Little Jay went to prom...

Her dress is so beautiful. I do really like this kid. She is so funny and kind.

The party was great. My aunt and uncle were in town, staying with my parents, so they all came for the evening, and a bunch of my kids did, and my sister and her bunch.

We ate. We always do... meatballs and little weenies, and Mexican dip, cheese and crackers... my mom brought the most outrageously good cracker bars with chocolate frosting...

There was lots of laughing, and OF COURSE when it was time to go, t.c. announced it was time for a bath. So then we had the splashing and laughing--Julia's wild laughter could be heard all the way to the living room. (Dannell was supervising, so I wasn't worried.)

My aunt says she has a grandchild who always has to hop in her bathtub too! I liked hearing about that. None of my kids have ever done this at my parents. They like to swim in the ka-suzy, but that's when they sleep over.

Anyway, this is the only picture taken at the whole party. Tim took it. He had to show l.c. his awesome red dinosaur lamp. The baby liked it. You have to click on it to see it very well--too dark.

And this: This little Kawasaki motorcycle is for sale. It starts, but won't stay running, probably the carburetor. That is carb cleaner all over the driveway, so you can see this carburetor is immaculate now. If you want it, let me know. love, Val

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