Sunday, November 7, 2010

the end of summer

This officially marks the beginning of winter here. We closed up the cabin for the year.

You know, it was a good weekend, quiet. Maria had a couple friends along, and the boat and dock were put away a couple weeks ago.

We had a fire, the shrimp, the one-card poker, watched The Great Outdoors and Semi Pro, ate Jay's cooking--he tried some new recipes on the grill--delicious.

james and maria's friend playing cards

At the end, he drained the water from the pipes and winterized the drains, and I packed up all the sheets and towels. We can't leave any of that there, not even extra toilet paper because of the mess the mice make over the winter.


It's hard to say good bye. It's been a lovely fall, warm and beautiful, and winter isn't all that long, it just feels like it in February.

Julia had the most arguing-est day of her life today, I think. Every single thing was a point of contention.

While I was cleaning the kitchen, Lydia was reading her a book, and they were arguing their way through every page. Finally, I snapped at them to take the book outside and read it there, "I can't listen to this!"

But really, I ...well it's true. I don't like arguing. That's why I can't take Everyone Loves Raymond. Lord Have Mercy, the show makes me grit my teeth. Have that conversation somewhere else where I don't have to listen to it, and stop treating each other badly!

But today, Julia and Lydia were tired, and I was sad to close up the cabin.

When I was done with the kitchen, I went upstairs. It looked like a light was on up there, but it was really just beams of yellow sunshine on the golden pine walls that made the whole second floor look like sun shining through a jar of honey. All the bare mattresses, the chest waders hanging in the closet, the aged video games in big boxes, the funny little thrift store bedside tables and lamps--even the bed they love to jump on all looked so sweet.

At the end he and I held hands and walked down the trail to the field where the kids were playing and fetched them for the ride home.

Okay, the holidays are staring me in the face, and I do love those. Thanksgiving is my favorite and Christmas after that. Onward to 2011. love, Val

and this, found on my camera, a foolish, meaningless seconds of video, that poor darn dog, what in the heck?:

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