Monday, November 1, 2010

a bright and lovely monday

It's bedtime now, but the sun was bright today, and the air too.

In the afternoon, after I worked last night and in the morning, I fell sound asleep on the bed in the sun. The sheets were in the laundry, and that tumbled up pile of pillows was so inviting.

I was angry when some rowdy kids woke me up with their shrieking and throwing something around upstairs that sounded like a can of coins, though I doubt that.

There was more yelling. (Mine, way too loud,) and the party was over. Time to clean up this messy house. Yeah, a little of that old Joan Crawford thing, ugh. I never even knew I had a temper until I had kids and had to control it--sometimes more successfully than others. Whee.

Heidi and her dog were here tonight, and more giddy laughing from the loud ones, a little math for James, and the dogs wrassled.

Here are some pictures from carving pumpkins and ones Maria took of trick or treating.

Yeah,last night was a very nice night--pizza with my parents.

Late in the evening yesterday, nearly midnight, I found three mini-Mounds Lydia left by the lamp for me, so sweet. They are my absolute favorite and she knows it.

Thank you Sweetheart for thinking of me, and I'm sorry I yelled about the racket this afternoon. I know it wasn't on purpose, and yelling at you guys like it was, was just me being cross and stupid. love, Mom

ps. Want to share a couple Almond Joys? I have a few.

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