Friday, November 5, 2010

two nice days

We had two nice days of watching this guy. I didn't take any pictures. These were on my camera, must have been Maria.

Here he is late in the afternoon. We had a awesome episode of Couch Potato Grandma in the morning, so he wasn't ready to sleep until almost 3pm, and by 4 his dad came home and held him for the rest of his nap.

That is one tired little face, and he is so lovely to nap with.

It's been a long disorienting week, too much work and not enough sleep. The Halloween candy is gone, and this dog here leaning on me seriously needs a bath.

Here's a pic for fun though. Wednesday when b.g. was here, he was wearing an old blue striped shirt of Tim's which was pretty sweet. They have the same coloring and fat cheeks, made me smile. The picture below is not b.g. It's Tim. I think they look like brothers.

After lunch I finally sent Julia to get dressed, and she turned up in a pair of jeans and this shirt. She didn't know the story of this shirt, but it might be the only article of clothing that's been passed down through all ten kids.

Now that's a truly great shirt, and the weekend is looking fine. Happy Friday. love, Val

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  1. WOW, Tim and BG do look alike! That is NUTS!
    Love R