Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Alicia emailed these pictures she took yesterday as I had to leave to go work awhile.

I left and she was outside supervising and the kids were existing in a state of delight, along with Sam, regarding the SNOW!

Yes, and Tim, practical man, couldn't be bothered to run down to the basement by the office and look for a better hat. He took a too-small girl's hat.

What do we care?

That's my buddy, b.g.

I used to babysit him all the time. We had huge, expanding days together.  I nuzzled his neck and cradled his tiny little ribs in my hands at naptime.  The kids have been going for a while now to a structured daycare run by a really nice woman I've met, named Debby.

Truly?  Debby is great.

She's a baby-tender, toddler-coaxer/slash drill sergeant to the parents. I understand and appreciate that.

But it's still very fun to have the little guys and their mom on a snow day.

That very beautiful child in the green hat?  He's the one we're calling Napoleon now.

He's our fine little dictator.

Oh my goodness, how he makes me laugh as he strides around giving orders.

You know, what would the world even be without kids?

This weather mess is all an annoying pain in the neck.

But look at them going crazy in the snow. I remember doing it too when I was a child.

Happy November, everybody.

love always, Val

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