Monday, November 3, 2014

oh my goodness

So this morning I was baffled and all confused as to why the house kept smelling like Sunday Dinner.

Goodness sakes, where is my Grandma anyway??

Just a clutching and terrible wish for her in my arms.

Well, Jay placed a beef roast and vegetables in the big crock pot early this morning, and that explains why.

Oh, yeah, yeah.

This is the fall wreath I hung on that old nail on the front door.

 I'm so proud of that $2 price tag, I will never remove it.

But this thing? pj turned up in the office late in the morning or early in the afternoon, one or the other, and was disgruntled because it doesn't have batteries.

Yes, it's very sad.  Let me grab a box of Kleenex now.
 And this even weirder decoration, my very fancy Thanksgiving SOFA PILLOW!

Hell, yeah.
 I told them to leave their page numbers and writing samples on the buffet.

And their math problems.

Tim has that precise little handwriting, looks like a machine wrote it.
 Julia's is all effervescent and chatty  (Spell check declined on evervessant?)

Yeah, that's a lot of vowels.  Let's go sleep now.  And vote tomorrow.

love, Val

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