Sunday, November 9, 2014

snow tomorrow

That's what we hear, could be a foot before this time tomorrow night.



I found this picture in a pile in the office and it was taken a far more lovely day, probably in July.  Jay's taking everyone on a walk to the bridge over the creek at my parents weekend place out in Wisconsin.

Julia and Tim look about three and five, so seven years ago?   James is tiny in the striped shirt.

Yeah, seven years ago he'd have been about ten or eleven.

A while back at my real estate office in a sales meeting, it came around to some tangent of a tale about how the Ringling Brothers Circus used to winter in Wisconsin.

What?   That can't possibly be right.  Wisconsin in the winter?  Are they insane?  North Dakota might be worse, hard to say.

Anyway, no, not correct.  They hunkered down for winter in the south.

Good night.   Tomorrow is MONDAY.  Onward.   love always, Val 

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