Wednesday, November 5, 2014

yes, indeed

Yes, indeed.  I captioned this, "naked niece invasion," because that's what happened, but then decided to change the title to avoid attracting strange visitors to the blog.

This morning Julia took a bath, and as soon as pj realized Jule was in the tub, she started badgering to go get in also.

She went from where I was in my room to the bathroom door, back and forth harassing us both.

I told her, "Julia does not have to have anyone else in her bath unless she wants to.  I'm not in there. Tim's not in there. Sidney is not.  She has the right to take a bath alone."

She threw back her head in a big howling sob.

"Sorry.  Nobody has to have other people in their bath."

Well, then Julia relented and pj jumped out of her clothes and slammed the bathroom door. There was splashing and screaming and more and more water was run.  More splashing and laughing continued until I told them it was over.

I told Heidi it was a naked niece invasion and she laughed, "She's lucky she's cute."

Yeah, they both are in their matching outfits and hair.

Happy Wednesday, love MOM aka GRANDMA

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