Saturday, November 22, 2014

the latest

So since I started doing Thanksgiving about ten years ago, my mother has given me Thanksgiving gifts.

A couple are pretty Thanksgiving plates, but some are these sort of bizarre hilarious ones, like my Thanksgiving couch pillow.  It's only used for one month a year, so it's lasted a long time, and it's strangely popular too.

And then these guys below:

The Pilgrim Bears. 


The little child pj had them in my bed one morning while we watched Curious George.  She watched. I snoozed.  Well she thought they were Halloween guys as she jumped on my back.  I told her no, they're Pilgrims.

"Pilgrims??"  She held one in each hand and turned them to look at their faces. Then she laughed.

Well, this morning, my mother presented me with a Thanksgiving gift for this year:

He's very weird.

When I took him from the bag, we could not stop laughing. Do turkeys wear pants?  Ever?  And he has this little goofy hair on the top of his head--can't see it here because of the light.

Oh my goodness.

Plus, he's not breakable and he's bound to make some crazy little kids really happy.

Thank you, Mom.  You are a most excellent Great-Grandma.

Oh, I'm laughing again.

Good night.   love, Val aka GRANDMA

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