Sunday, November 30, 2014

not wasting any time

The Christmas gifts are here and all wrapped.

In 2008, we went on a week to Florida with some friends in the weeks of December, and I had to have everything ready early.

It really allows us more opportunity to enjoy when the pressure is off.

We do have to shut the fan off on Santa and replace the bulbs that burned out.  His face was lit a couple days ago, and is not now.   Tomorrow.

Open house, pointing to the crawl space.


Won't be happening.

This is that goofy ball Jay and Don have been passing back and forth for a year.  p.j. was excited to find him on the front steps Thanksgiving Eve.

 Yeah, she has the right idea, snoozing where she does.  Don't step on her.
And that's the end of that. 

Tomorrow is the fist day of December, and life is nothing but good.

love always, Val

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