Wednesday, April 1, 2015

jay's 23

I swiped a bunch of pictures from Desi.

She and I are still getting to know each other, but we definitely share such affection for YOU.
 An Easter from another year, cute.
 Buddies up in the room:

Here you are as a young squirrel:

 A beautiful teenager:
 And this family classic:
 I heard weird noises and asked Dan what you were doing.  He said something like, "He's not doing anything."

As I remember I said, "I think he's doing something.  Ask him."

At that point you opened the toilet to show Dan exactly what you were up to.

But that was also like 20 years ago, so I may not have this exactly right.

This picture is you and me, back when I was thirty and you were a stunning chubby baby:

 This is one of my favorite pictures, you and little Kirby-

Here's the thing--you are such a fucking spectacular son.

(I used that word just for you.)

I could not love you more. Thanks for being mine.

Happy Birthday, Buddy.

love, Mom (and Dad and Everybody)

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