Monday, November 16, 2015

warm november rain

 It was rainy today and dark, so dark.  I was up before sunrise and after the sun was up it wasn't much brighter.

The rain continued all day long.

Jay replaced the rubber roof on the flat roof during the last couple weekends and I checked several times for leaks.

Dry as toast.
These guys were here today, and it was a lovely day for cousins to play at Grandma's.

 There was some art in the afternoon.  Usually we go outside after lunch, or even eat lunch outside.

But not today, and winter is coming, probably not likely anymore.

 Last week after the curly blonde kid was here, his dad asked him at supper what was the best part of his day.  Alicia told he said, "I chewed all Grandma's gum and had TWO popsicles AND an ice cream sandwich."
 The freezer is down where the Legos and Barbies are.  He may have helped himself. I don't know.

Here they glued the pictures I cut from magazines. They discussed the pictures and argued over them.
"I want the next Lunchable!  I want a dog too!"

It passed a rainy afternoon.

This flowering plant in the dried up perennial garden still keeps on going.

Not bad for a Monday in mid-November.   Thanks guys, all six of you, for making it a great day.

love, Grandma, aka, MOM

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