Saturday, November 21, 2015

little santa

 We found this thing at Menards this fall, and only resisted for about two minutes and seven seconds.

It's as awesome kitschy weird as anything ever was.

 Going out the door upstairs--onto the flat roof:

 He fastened it to boards to help keep it from blowing away in a gust of wind.  Then we also went outside and found some small boulders to put on each board.     Maria looked at us as we marched through the living room carrying huge rocks.

No worries.

He's not the twelve foot tall Santa that's going in the front yard next weekend, but he's the Little Santa, and he's good.

Tonight we went to a chili cook-off hosted by some excellent old friends, delicious and fun.

And that's the end of a wonderful Saturday in November.

Onward to tomorrow.

love, Val

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