Sunday, November 1, 2015


 I haven't really seen these kids in a while, and I was starting to be lonely and also resentful.

(Yeah, not nice, I know.)

So, I called Dannell, and she foolishly answered the phone and I cornered her, "Why doesn't John call me back??  What the hell's wrong with him?"

Anyway, we went over there late this afternoon. I was going to go by myself, but Jay and Tim and Julia wanted to come along also.

 We had a good time.  It was a short visit, an hour and half may be, but they were so funny and sweet.

He read me a story in his bed, using a flashlight in the dark.
 And that baby girl has a full smile of teeth, and she's going around the floor like she's been doing it all her life.
 There was this pose:
 And that one:

Happy November.  Onward.

Nothing but love,  

love, Val, aka GRANDMA

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