Wednesday, November 11, 2015

babysitting day

Yep,  This turkey was no help at all.

These guys have all the whole house to play in.

So why are they doing papers on my bed?

 I do not know.   I talked to them about messing up my room and they promised not to, and they actually really did not.

 While the others were outside b.g. snagged a little 1:1 video game time with Uncle Tim.

How can November be this warm and this beautiful?

 This playhouse is something my brother and his wife handed down to Heidi and Joe after their kids outgrew it.  When they moved, it ended up here, one less thing to move.

 We do have to get it back over to p.j.'s own home, but haven't managed to yet.  They cooked and worked in the kitchen.

 And I rocked this little angel on patio swing for a long time.

Ahhh.  November, you sweet thing.

love, Val, aka GRANDMA

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