Sunday, November 1, 2015

halloween, 2015

 We headed over to my parents and met up with some of the grandkids to trick or treat.

 They were so excited they could hardly stand it.  The monkey kept tackling Mario.

 Finally got them all still for one picture before we headed out.

Tim wouldn't trick or treat this year--too old he said.

 So.   See that tall kid in the pink coat?

That's my last trick or treater.

I thought about when was it ever that I had only ONE trick or treater?

It would have been in 1979 when we had only John.  By 1980 we had Dan too.

 It's been thirty-six years it took me to work back to just ONE trick or treater.

My family is growing up, you guys.

What a beautiful night, plus so glad to have other squirrels to go nuts in giddy delight and drag up and down the streets, sweating in winter coats under costumes.

I love all so very, very much,  love, MOM, aka GRANDMA, aka VAL

p.s.  Could not resist these pictures of Jay's grandparents.  That's the original John, the one we named him after, and the original Lydia.

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