Saturday, November 28, 2015

christmas tree, 2015

 He had to work late, and then he was the one holding the security code at a clinic so he couldn't leave until the others (flooring, counter tops) were done.

So he finally made it home and we raced to the tree lot and got there shortly before it closed.


A whole bunch of kids were waiting to decorate this tree.

 They were all asleep by 10 pm, which I thought was somewhat of a miracle, considering how hopping this house is late at night. But they were, tucked in a nest on the floor in the family room, so sweet.

 Putting on ornaments with the ladder was the thing.  There were a LOT of ornaments clustered in that one area.

We had Thanksgiving, which was lovely.

Everyone showed up and were good sports and ate, and it was a fine day.

Then we had TWO grandchild sleepovers, which I loved.  They don't have all that much interest in me personally, but they seem to love being here in the crowd, with their cousins and aunts and uncles and eating popsicles and ice cream sandwiches, and they're all so beautiful and funny and sweet.

That oldest grandchild is turning into somewhat of a GUY.  He is going to be ten in a few months.

How is this possible??

2015 is wrapping up real fine.


With all the love there is, Val, aka Grandma, aka MOM

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