Sunday, November 8, 2015

last weekend, 2015

 Jay rented this machine to haul the water softener out of the basement, rather than carrying it up the ladder in his own arms.

Then they had some fun with it, clearing a path in the woods.

 Some kids, moving it on back fast from the field to the cabin after gun shots were heard in the woods.

Could they shoot us on our own property??

Well, no.  Not on purpose. Who would shoot children on purpose??

Yeah. Stay out of the field.

 The swamp:

 And this little beauty.  At one point she asked me about all the Asian Beetles crowding into ceiling corners and light fixtures:

"Are they fighting?"

I told her no. They don't look mad. They're not fighting.

 That's when Kari burst out laughing,"Like it's so easy to discern the emotions of a beetle."

Exactly! They beetle around doing beetle activities. Who knows what their mood or intentions are.

 And then on the way out of town we stopped at the gas station to use the bathrooms before we hit the road, since closing down the cabin bathrooms made them out of use.

She was complaining mightily about how hungry she was, so after she and Lydia had used the bathroom I told them to choose some snacks while I had my turn.

When I came from the bathroom, she had chosen only an AIR FRESHENER.

I howled,

"What do you want with that?  You said you were hungry!"

 "Oh, yeah!"

Good LOR-ed.

Here are pictures from trying to clean up this place and get out for the season:

Okay, see you in April

Love forever, MOM, aka GRANDMA, aka VAL

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