Friday, November 20, 2015

friday night

 We're starting to get the house in order for next week's celebration.

These are two plants that are getting seriously huge.

The hibiscus is a bramble.

 That other palm-tree-looking-thing started out here as a little dish garden my dad gave me.  I don't remember why he did but it was a long time ago and only two plants survived, and survive they did.

It was about the size of a little mixing bowl back then.

All the bulbs were burned out in this light over the stairway, so he brought in the ladder.

And then there was light.

 And a shocking amount of cobwebs.

Then I rolled this old, terrible couch over so we could fix the springs again.  We have to do this a couple times a year.

Done!  Nobody will sit down and have their backside drop to the floor now.

All these preparations that go far beyond turkey.

He did one turkey earlier in the week and that's in the freezer ready for next week.

And my friend Renee is an amazing photographer and she took this stunning November photograph this week, and I have shamelessly STOLEN it because it's so breathtaking.

Click on it to enlarge.
And that's it.

Good night.

Saturday awaits.

love, Val

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