Saturday, April 10, 2010

and the caterpillar said....

Jay and I worked today. When I came home and asked the kids where he was, they said he was asleep on the patio.


Yeah. I found him, head on the metal arm of the swing, left leg twisted in a pretzel bend for balance, asleep on that little swing.

When he woke up, we sat there trying to talk about work... and JULIA was bouncing around like a crazy woman, incessantly interrupting.

I suppose she missed us. (I was only gone a few hours, sheeze.) But she'd found a caterpillar and had it in a glass tumbler with a stick and grass, and his name was Bobby and did we want to hold him and see him walk?

Okay, sure. He's cute. Fuzzy-like and all, little suction cup feet crawled all over my hand. Julia likes to hold him on the stick. The little suction cup feet freak her out.

Finally she said, "I'm going to show Bobby around the yard and the house!"

As she went inside, I admit I thought, "Oh goody, she's leaving for a minute."

But no. In a minute she was back and held Bobby up on his stick so he could see over the fence along the edge of the patio. Then she giggled her outrageous squealy giggle and said, "I showed him Dad's van. He said, "Woooow."

Jay rolled his very tired eyes at me and said, "It's a pretty awesome sight all right."

Yeah. It made a caterpillar say wow. love, Val

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