Monday, April 12, 2010

oh yeah, with the treasure hunt and all

oh yeah, the little treasure hunters all dressed up for the wedding last fall

They went down into the storage area behind the office... and had an adventure. A treasure hunt, he called it.

Aww, give me a break.

They took out Christmas gift tags, mittens, an old iron, music tapes, the long tail from a cat costume, put stickers on the dehumidfier... okay, that's not right.

But when I hauled them down there to help clean up the mess, they acted like they didn't know what to do, didn't remember what boxes any of it came out of, baffled little faces

They looked in the floor drain instead and talked about that, and the creatures that live in there, and why they stuffed a tennis ball in it...(I can get it out again. I'm married to a plumber. No creatures live in the floor drain, just for the record.) Grrr.

Dang kids. I thought they were in the other basement entirely, playing with their own toys. Not. I became suspicious when they appeared in the kitchen with big, old heavy suitcases they'd found, and asked if they could have them. ??? "What for? What are you kids doing?"

Duh, Mom. "We found a LOT of stuff you don't know about."

So who is going to clean up the toy mess in the other basement? Think they can handle that one? Probably not. It looks like people were jumping on the beds down there too, and it's hard for them to straighten beds with their little, short arms.

However, there are Moo Jrs in the freezer down there...maybe I can handle it with enough ice cream.

Tomorrow, though, not tonight. Right now it's bedtime, and the laughing down the hall has finally quieted. It's almost bedtime for grown ups too. The windows are all open and the breeze smells like spring. Tomorrow I'm mailing our taxes...big thankful sigh. Time for bed. love, Val

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