Sunday, April 4, 2010


Beautiful day, lots of fun...

We went to church and to the Easter breakfast before the service. It was great. Tim decided he wanted seconds on the sausage, so I told him to go get in line and ask. They'd give it to him. He went skipping on up there and I figured they'd put it on a plate. Nope. Ole put three sausages in the palm of his hand. Tim was happy, but I was thinking, "What kind of church IS this?"

Later we went upstairs and then what kind of church IS this? It's a good kind. A kind kind. A real kind....unpretentious, even in that elegant building at a formal Easter's just the usual crowd of ordinary people. It's okay.

At a home school group people told me Lutheran isn't a real religion because there aren't any rules. Well, I dunno. Love your neighbor seems pretty clear. I guess it's what we choose to hear.

I don't find rules especially helpful. Accountability--yes. But rules are so artificial. Figure it out yourself. Well, we do have a No Hitting House. I guess that's a rule, no hitting. Oh, whatever.


We hid eggs all over the hill and shrubbery and the kids poured out to search. Plan B was to hide them inside, but it was a beautiful morning, warm enough to be outside without even jackets.

Then to my sister's for the afternoon...delicious meal, another egg hunt, the highly anticipated pinata was cracked open... they jumped on the trampoline, played in the sandbox, dragged out the Polly Pockets and Barbies... could not have been more fun.

And now it's now. The house is a wreck, which I may attempt to do something about. Or not. I'm still thinking on that. It's very quiet. I think we're all pooped. love, Val

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