Thursday, April 29, 2010

bizarre lamps

I have a thing for them.

James evidently inherited this because he asked me to buy him this lamp at a second hand store back when he was six. I looked at it for a long minute, thinking how very odd it was, and there HE was, with his incredibly cute face and I said sure.

This weird lamp came from the basement of a small town antique shop. Year after year it sat there. Imagine that! Then I bought it and now it's in the dining room.

Plus I have kids who are hell on lamps. I don't wreck lamps, but the kids do like crazy! They knock them over regularly, always insist it's an accident. Riiiight. I think if you can easily predict the outcome of say, doing flips on the couch, then it really does not count as an actual accident. Lamps I seek to protect have to be placed with a wall behind them for safety.

This little cutie was made by Jay's paternal grandmother. She glued all those agates to it. I re-wired it and the kids tipped it over and that's why there's a scorched spot on the lamp shade. Never mind that. Someday I'll buy a new one, but at this point in the kids' lamp-busting lives, I figure might as well leave the damaged one.

This treasure is what prompted me to write about this in the first place. Julia found this little dinosaur at the second hand store yesterday and wanted to buy it for Tim. It's pretty darn weird, so why not? Well, lit up in the dark, it is AWESOME. I thought his other nightlight, this aquarium one was great, but this red dinosaur beats all.

We have this little mad man here today. He is so lively, crawling, reaching, scrambling, on such a mission to get around... he got a hold of the plant in my room and it was a struggle to get both his hands off it at once and get away from it. He's wrassling me for the keyboard now. I wonder if he's going to go on to be a hazard with lamps? Probably in this family, it's a given. love, Val

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