Sunday, April 11, 2010

oh, sure.

Tonight before supper I took Maria out driving. She's on her permit and needs the practice, and it was such a beautiful evening.

Jay was painting windows on the second floor, so we had to take the little kids with us.

It was a fine trip out. She didn't run over anybody, crash the car, or get us arrested, so it's all good.

On the way home, when we passed the gas station, there were a couple teenagers lying on the hill between the sidewalk and the parking lot. The girl was on her belly, chin propped on her fists, and the boy was on his side, head propped up on his hand. The two of them were talking, bothering no one.

As Maria rounded the corner, Julia's squealy laughing burst from the backseat, "Oh, I thought that girl was a GORILLA!"


We all stared at her. Well, not Maria. She shook her head hard, but kept her hands on the steering wheel at ten and two.

More squealing and laughing, "Her hair looked like a gorilla!"

No. It looked like normal human hair, but whatever. Maybe gorillas have distinctive hair? Hmm. I've never noticed. That girl didn't seem to have a silver back, but then again, who was paying attention?

I told Maria though, "Like gorillas are just lyin' around on the sides of the road. We've got that all over the cities."

"Yeah," Julia giggled, "That'd be funny."

Sigh. It would make driving more interesting, gotta say. love, Val

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