Saturday, April 3, 2010

coloring eggs and a birthday surprise

Here we have the kids coloring eggs. The kit had only three colors. What the heck? They usually have a whole bunch, like ten. But, you know? With three it worked just as well and it was less of a mess. We did eighteen eggs and everyone was happy.

And my mom took Lydia birthday shopping today. The girl is turning ten next week. Look at how happy she is with this gift. ??? What the heck? She said it's a set with four big Sham-Wows and four minis. Cool.

They spilled some diet Coke on the kitchen floor so they could wipe it up. Umm, no. No, we're not doing that. But then they ran all over cleaning stuff. They were wiping down the walls in the stairway. It was awesome.

She's LIKE this though. A couple years ago a big box came in the mail. It was from Jay's parents. We all gathered around her to see what was in the box.

It was a doll wheelchair--for the American Girl doll they'd given her for Christmas.


Jay looked at me and whispered, "A wheelchair?"

Lydia crowed, "SWEET!" and grabbed it and shortly she was tearing all over the family room with the doll in the wheelchair, like it was some kind of racing vehicle.

I asked her how did Grandma know she'd like this so much? (I mean, medical equipment? That's a little obscure.)

"Oh I asked her for it."

Later I told my mother in law she's the best. Just order it, the kid asked, good enough. She said, "Well, dolls can get hurt, you know."

True, especially the way they crash around in that wheelchair.

Anyway, someone this delighted with a ShamWow, and a dual-action light saber, and a stuffed old taxidermy bobcat, who would cry for days over the death of a caterpillar... I like her.

When she was in preschool at three, the teacher snickered about her being a character. (She did have that little cussing problem.) I said by the eighth child, you'd think I'd have seen it all. And yet, no. She's an entirely new creature all over again.

Happy Birthday, Lyddie. (Ten years of you!) You know this is true too: This whole darn family is better with you in it. love, Mom

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