Wednesday, April 21, 2010

what we're dealing with...

Okay, I looked out the window and Tim's wandering contentedly around the backyard with these gigantic headphones on.

They're for a Baldwin organ a friend left at my house. It's been ...oh 15 years? I don't think she's coming back for the organ. She's told me she's not.

But still.

When I saw him singing to himself and looking at the end of that cord, I KNEW what he was going to do next. I KNOW him.


I asked him if he heard anything. He said no. I said maybe if he touched it to metal he would. "I could try that," he smirked and wandered off.

Okay, and this is new too. He's finally catching on to reading, but he's coming at it by way of writing. Learning sounds and all that has been slow going, and he'd like to be able to read, but it is just hard work.

Well, he's figured out that sounds spell things, and he'll spend a fairly long time writing words if I help him only a little. He's figuring out a whole new way to get this done. I'm so impressed because it never would have occurred to me that a kid could learn to read in reverse. But it makes sense. It's the kind of person he is.

In other news, I finally painted the upstairs bathroom yesterday, washed the curtains, put the new rugs in there. It looks much refreshed.

Happy Wednesday. love, Val

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