Tuesday, October 26, 2010

a fine party

Tonight we celebrated Kirsten's birthday, and though the wind was howling and rain pounding against the windows, it was lovely, cozy, perfect.

In the clutter and the racket, the grandsons and grand dogs running all over, our own beast Sam pacing around, it was just a darn lotta fun.

Kirsten invited her friend Meghan too, who is a charming girl, and we ate ham and cheesy potatoes, green beans from my parents' garden (with half a stick of butter thrown on top by Jay,) salad, homemade pickles, Leinenkugel beer, and a big, fat chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting.

There were stunts in one of the stairways involving yarn and a baby doll strapped in a dolly car seat. It made me think of Sid, that horrible child in Toy Story, but...yeah. Okay.

Little Jay rode home from college with Dannell, and gosh it was good to see him. He hugged me so tight, I think he was glad to see me too. I KNOW these two were happy to see each other.

Anyway, a few pictures from the evening--

b.g. getting a ride in a laundry basket.

dannell's niece m.c. and lydia--i don't know what's up with that smile

Okay, this made me laugh. See Dannell holding b.g. on her lap? And l.c. weeping and interfering? Jealous. When Kirsten was l.c.'s age, she talked in plain English, in full sentences. When I was holding a friend's baby, she climbed up beside me and gave the baby a shove and said, "Go get on your OWN mom." Whoa. I'm sure she spoke for babies everywhere.

dan with julia, john, heidi

Oh, Happy Birthday, You. We could not love you more. love, Mom and Dad

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  1. oh I wish I coulda held Baby Gus when I was there, but he wouldn't have any part of it, lol! That skeery lady with the glass of wine in her hand! ROFL! Love you so,
    Love R