Friday, October 29, 2010

oh a party

Tonight was the Halloween party at my parents.

It was loud, and rowdy, and awesome. At one point my mom said her head was swimming. I teased her, "At least none of them brought their dogs." She hooted.

(Anyway, this marks the one year point of this blog too, by the way. I started it at the end of October a year ago.)

So, pictures from the party:

little jay is in a child's dinosaur costume, and james made that washing machine costume today.

i had her turn around to show off the chipmunk on her back. what the meaning of the chipmunk is, we do not know. that's lydia, btw.


that's Jay--he's a Chilean miner.

these three cuties--my nieces and my sister

rapella rescue heroes in the kitchen

these two, the hosts--i hope they went to bed and are not still cleaning up.

Happy Halloween. love, Val

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  1. and where is a picture of YOU in your costume miss!
    Love R