Friday, October 15, 2010

grandparents day!

It was awesome. It's a private school, so there was a church service, which we enjoyed with Dannell's mom and t.c. and m.c., very nice.

After that the kids did a musical program, different grades took turns singing. We loved that, very fun.

Then afterward lunch in the big, sunny dining room, also spectacular.

the other grandma, with m.c. and t.c.

m.c. was wearing a brand new beautiful dress, just for the occasion, and t.c. was dressed up too in a brand new shirt and corduroy pants.

m.c. is sleeping over tonight with a friend from school, and t.c. was feeling pretty bummed about that, so he asked for a sleepover here. No problem. When I glanced in the back seat, I almost laughed out loud, he's so dang funny. Here's what I saw:

This grandparent thing is totally a blast, not gonna lie. Thank you guys for being our grand babies. Lucky old us. love, Grandma and Grandpa

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  1. I SWEAR I left a comment here...ugh...I hate how this thing asks me for codes etc... anyway I think Sir William looks HIlarious reading fancy nancy with sunglasses no less! Miss you!
    Love R