Tuesday, October 19, 2010

jimmy and the monster mash

john and james, 2002

I heard it on the radio this morning, the little bubbling noises and the spooky voice. It always reminds me of James because when he was little he was terrified of this song.

We didn't know why, but he'd cover his ears and order me to change the radio station. If we were in the house, he'd run screaming from the room.

When we asked him, he just shuddered. Then he said, "They said it was a graveyard smaaa-aash," as if that meant something.

(he's just cold here, not actually afraid about anything)

I told my friend Leigh and she wondered what he thought a graveyard smash might be, like smashing bones?

He wouldn't say.

Anyway, now he's much bigger and braver.

He's trying to decide if he's too old to trick or treat this year. Free candy? Too big? Free candy? Too big? Hmmmm. A little while ago it sounded like the big bag of candy is winning out. That's okay. Heidi and Kirsten agree--you'll always be our baby. love, Mom


  1. James is still my fav....just don't tell the others! ;)

    it asked me for a code before it would post this and the word was "arsheads"...no joke!

  2. arsheads? okay, that's destiny. James was such a munchkin for so long, it's so weird to have him around the house now as an actual guy.

    It's disorienting. He's still as tender as ever, just really large, lol. love, Val