Sunday, October 24, 2010

rainy, dark weekend

This taken from the upstairs window. That's our neighbor, Bob, pulling out his dock.

Another angle, sigh.

But we did have a good time, cards, and deep fried cheese curds, movies, the video games, the art projects, and even some running around outside in the rain.

One card poker, and this guy feels he's losing. Of course it's far too early in the game to tell, but he's just mad.

James amusing l.c. with game pieces

We closed up part of the place, took out the boat and dock.

It's all good. All summers must end.

And then we came home to celebrate a little. This girl is turning 24 today, yes she is.

We'll have a party in a couple days, another cake and all that, but today couldn't pass without at least this. Happy Birthday Honey, and may this be the BEST year yet. love, Mom

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