Friday, October 29, 2010


James is a very laid back person.

He doesn't get excited about much. He doesn't get mad very often, doesn't ever cause trouble or smart off to us.

But this super relaxed aspect of him also sometimes makes me nuts, like when I'm in a hurry, or have my hands full, and there he is, looking like he has no idea what to do.


A couple-a times...

in that situation...

Okay this isn't very nice of me, but I've hollered, "Use your hands! They're attached to your arms!"

I am told the last time I lost it and did this, he muttered to the other kids, "I hate it when she tells me where my hands are."

Yeah. Nice, eh?

Jimmy, pretty much everyone would hate that.

I'm sorry, honey.

It's true, sometimes I'm not very nice, and there are a number of things over this last thirty years I wish very much I could do over. love, Mom

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  1. are a sweet mom! I do SO Love James!
    Love R