Friday, October 29, 2010

okay, the mummy wrap?

The Mummy Wrap Game gets its own entry.

This game--was made up like 8 or 9 years ago. All it consists of is a race to wrap partners in toilet paper. We don't want no cryin' or screamin', so we pass out rolls of toilet paper, have the grand ONE-TWO-THREE-GO! and then that's the end of it. The one who announce they're done first, we cheer. Others claim they are the winner, we cheer. No losers, no prizes, just a lot of wildness and mess.

These are the pictures:

what on earth have they splattered on the lens of my camera??

This game is so incredibly popular. The first time we did it, I was amazed by the absolute GLEE as they threw themselves into it.

Can you believe this year I forgot the toilet paper? Jay had to rush to the grocery store and get some before we ate.

Okay, after this was all over, like every year, I felt disturbed by the waste of perfectly good toilet paper. I gathered up as much as I could, stuffed it into a number of grocery bags, and put one in the bathroom off my parents' bedroom. The others I set aside in the utility room in the basement.

My parents claim it's difficult to make use of ripped up scraps of toilet paper. It just does not work very well. But still.

Thanks you two for hosting this most magnificent party. love you more than you can imagine, Val


  1. I'm pretty sure that crap all over the camera lens is toilet paper dust... Kirsten and I were taking pictures and I for one was having a hard time breathing. :) Agree though, worth the waste and the mess, and even tp dust in the lungs, for all the squeals of delight out of the children. Kids being crazy happy kids is pretty much the best thing ever.

  2. It's crazy how much they love this stupid game. Kids are nuts, but we knew that. love you, V

  3. I love the pic of little Jay on the floor...his face is priceless! Wish we were there too!