Monday, October 4, 2010

okay, talking about my coffee table

This is a very fine coffee table, bought at JC Penney about 15 years ago. It's solid oak, and I paid about $200. Okay, see it in the picture there? Ordinary. Fine.

John says I got my money's worth out of that thing. I disagree. An oak coffee table that cost hundreds of dollars should last a lifetime.


Table? Meet the family.

I guess a few weeks ago a guy fell on it or something. (Obviously nobody told me.) Then another guy kicked into it. And Maria was doing exercises by tying a stretch strap to a table leg as a counter weight.


Okay, so a week or two ago, we were about to leave town, and there's my damned table with a leg off! Nobody knows why! Spontaneous busting.

I was horrified and we took the books off, turned it upside down, and I glued the broken leg back together. When we came home a couple days later, I put it back together again. Goodness.

More sighing.

THEN apparently Tim caught his toe on the glued leg this morning. John later came through the living room and kicked it. All at once, we got a table on three legs. John and I caught it, along with my plate and a sea of books and magazines and crap, and WHAT IS UP WITH THIS TABLE?

John and I shoved the leg back under and continued on. This is a cute little table--golden brown finish, Queen Anne.

Then b.g. wanted to walk around it and it's just all an accident waiting to happen, so I had Jay carry it out to the family room to put it aside.

okay, table leaving. notice t.c. has already been knocked in the nose somehow. that girl next to maria is a friend of hers.

Not ten minutes later, the screaming was atrocious. O. M. G. Scared us all half to death. l.c. had pulled the coffee table off the bench where Jay put it upside down, and onto his ankle. (He was fine.) But wow.

THEN, an hour later, here's m.c., John and Dannell's niece, crying with an injured butt--fell backward onto the coffee table which Jay had now placed on the FLOOR in a corner of the family room.

Seriously. It was carried out there to avoid accidents and how we have multiple injuries?

Here's a guy in the stairway with a nerf gun, watching others open their gifts.
Yeah, well.

And now time to blow out candles. Joe turned 26 a few days ago. When I went to open the door tonight when they arrived, there he was at the screen with his gorgeous blue eyes, the lovely way they tilt at the corners, their dog's head sticking THROUGH the rip in the screen. (Hillbilly anyone? That screen is getting fixed shortly.)

Happy Birthday, Bud. We do love you. love, Val

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  1. I wished I had stayed longer so I could have come to the bday part too...I love your chocolate cake! love R. xoxo