Sunday, August 26, 2012

a quick birthday supper

We're having a big party next week, but tonight was just quick hamburgers on the grill, salad by Dad, and a cake baked by Joe--red velvet with sprinkles.

It was pretty fun.   After the State Fair trip the kids did yesterday and my being tired after work, it was a pretty tame evening.   Kirsten has all the little girls at her house for an End of Summer Sleepover.

God bless her.

After supper, Heidi and p.j. went over there to tie-dye some shirts with the gang.  Pretty ambitious.

Just for fun, some old pictures:

Heidi, twenty-eight years of you?  I can't even really remember what life was like before you.

When you were the age of your own baby, I bought a very pretty picture for the wall near the kitchen door.

Dad and your brothers didn't even notice it as they went through.  But you?

You couldn't talk yet, but you pointed to the picture--eyes wide with approval.   Just like now when I nod and tell your baby, "Ah-ha, ah-ha, ah-ha," and she grins back and nods along with me?   It was that kind of moment when I was sooooo grateful life included YOU, a daughter, someone to be girls with.

(I didn't realize then half my children would be daughters--and they'd have their own little girl parties just for fun.)

This whole family is lucky to have you.   We could not love you more, and in twenty-eight more years?  When you'll be older than both me and Dad?   You will still be my girl.

Happy Birthday.

love forever, Mom and Dad and all the rest


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