Thursday, August 16, 2012

mr. ten

First we started out the birthday with a haircut.  Lookin' good, Buddy.

Then some nephews came for lunch. 

This one is so cute and bald, sometimes I call him Mr. Luminous.  It suits him.  He definitely lights up a room.

 Her, she's just funny.

 Unlike the hot summer evening when Tim was actually born, it was cool today.

 That's the wild nephew, b.g., kicking him over.

 We did this with a brownie Maria baked.  It worked.

 Then later in the evening, cupcakes. ( The actual party is tomorrow night.  The roasts are in the slow cooker right now, and the cake is baked and frosted.)

Awww, and we went shopping for birthday presents today, but Julia made this for him herself and wrapped it.  
 And she made him this card with an alien and a detailed, involved story.

And while we were grocery shopping, t.c. called Jay on his cell phone to report that TIM was a turd when he'd called to sing him happy birthday.

Tim, a turd?  Impossible, you say?

Not so much.

We called home and told him to call t.c. back this instant and apologize and act like a normal person.

Good Lor-ED.

Ten years ago today?   Yes it was--one of the best, happiest days of my entire life.

All surprises, all perfection.

 at green lake the week before he was born

Tim was born by surprise in the bathtub, not underwater, but came flying out over the water, long arms and legs, moro reflex, hands like tiny starfish.     All the baby blankets and stuff were in our room, so Jay grabbed the first blanket he could find to tuck around him--Kari's poodle blanky from the kids' bed.

And then I carried him down the hall, and flopped down in our bed and Jay covered us up with a silky Barbie sleeping bag.

Ridiculous.  Impromptu.  Fine.

Ten years of you, Timmy.  Ten years!

 Here he is, a week old. I love this picture, how tiny and alert he is, and how he fits in my hands.  He looks little here, not like the luscious ten pound newborn he was.  He looks little bitty.

Here he is four weeks later, looks like a half-grown kid.

Tim?  Thank you for coming to this family and being ours.  The whole family is lucky having you in it.

Something about you being here makes everything just right.

love forever, Mom and Dad and everybody.

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